S-Express Program 2020

The S-Express Short Film Program Exchange was initiated in 2002 by Yuni Hadi (Singapore), Amir Muhammad (Malaysia) and Chalida Uabumrungjit (Thailand). It is an annual event in the form of short film exchange programs conducted on a regional scale.

S-Express is an annual collaboration of short film programmes from eight countries (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos,Brunei). This programme is an insight into the development of filmmaking in the region. It aims to bring the selected films from each region to travel to their neighboring countries.

Programmers: Sanchai Chotirosseranee (Thailand), Leong Pui Yee (Singapore), Fransiska Prihadi (Indonesia), Thaiddhi (Myanmar), Park Sungho (Cambodia), Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia), Francis Joseph Cruz (The Philippines), Marcus Manh (Vietnam) and Helene Ouvrard (Laos), Nurain Abdullah (Brunei).


Programmer : Sanchai Chotirosseranee

Programmer : Sanchai Chotirosseranee

Sanchai Chotirosseranee is one of the programmers for the Thai Short Film and Video Festival. The program is consisted of the awarded best Thai short films from the 23rd Thai Short Film and Video Festival. Payawan is a winning film by university students, while The Threshold 1969 is the best Animation and Friends with Benefits, Without Benefits is the best film by general filmmakers.

Friend with benefits Without Benefits

Sorayos Prapapan [ Thailand | 2018 | Fiction | 14:27 ]

Nicky is an art school graduate. He requests Koi, one of his best friends, to be the model for his photo shoot in which she has to dress up in a mascot costume



In the morning of Songkran day, Chiangrai everyone in Pan’s family was spending time together.

The Threshold 1969

Twatpong Tangsajjapoj, Kraisit Bhokasawat, Chanon Treenet, Punya Pasukkovitsiri [ Thailand | 2019 | Animation | 20:34 ]

Four stories about the impact of new technology within a transitional period of four generations by four directors.

Programmer: Leong Puiyee

Leong Puiyee is a film programmer and manager based in Singapore.

Experience the essence of nature, complex human relationships and the bizarreness of life in these short films


[ Zai Tang | Singapore | 2020 | Fiction | 09:45 ]

Escape Velocity II is a synaesthetic experiment in bringing the ethereal voices of the Singaporean wild to life through animation and sound visualisation. Central to the film is an environmental soundtrack, comprised of slowed down field recordings made between 2013-2016 at Bukit Brown Cemetery, Macritchie Reservoir and the Rail Corridor, three places in Singapore facing ecological impacts due to urban development. The visual element of the work originates from scans of Zai Tang’s hand-drawn visual score from Escape Velocity I, created in response to the sensuous sonic qualities of creatures recorded in each locale. Zai views his practise of drawing sounds as a means of tuning-in and attempting to translate the unique characteristics of their expressions into visual form; a search for different modes of relation built upon listening.

Watermelon Baby

[ Llao Jiekai | Singapore | 2020 | Fiction | 19:12 ]

While Tamaki’s partner Sui was away for the summer, she consumed a watermelon seed and began growing a watermelon in her body.


[ Tang Kang Sheng | Singapore | 2019 | Fiction | 18:38 ]

After their father is hospitalized, Jun and Ling return home to settle some of his affairs. Amidst it all, they are forced to interact with one another.

Helo Ahma

[ Siyou | Singapore | 2019 | Colour, 1.85:1, Chinese, English, dialect with English subtitles | 16:00 ]

Unable to return home to attend Grandma’s funeral because of immigration bureaucracy, a young Singaporean girl new to America searches for Grandma’s reincarnation in a pet store turtle.

Programmer: Yow Chong Lee

Programmer: Yow Chong Lee Apart from programming for Mini Film Festival, ChongLee is also a film lecturer who makes documentary and picked up scuba diving recently.

Programmer: Yow Chong Lee Apart from programming for Mini Film Festival, ChongLee is also a film lecturer who makes documentary and picked up scuba diving recently. Exploring the possibility of cinematic space and time in questioning who we are (and aren’t), these films veer between foreign and local; past, present and future; then back to the most naive, raw and honest adventure of all in rendering what constitute Malaysians seen from the perspective of these young and vibrant filmmakers.

The Masseuse

Ten Ce Ding [ Malaysia| 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

In a world where cutting edge robots are coveted, a fledgling human technician is torn between pursuing his feelings towards an outdated android and placating his abusive, android-aversive father.


Shaiful Yahya, Syaz Zainal, & June Wong [ Malaysia| 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

Based on a true story, Peon is told through a delivery rider’s phone screen. Ding! An order comes in to deliver passports


Lim Wei Jie [ Malaysia| 2019 | Documentary | 29:12 ]

‘Rasa’ is a portrait of a Malaysian restaurant in Manhattan, where kitchen workers reminisce about the past they left behind.



Yaya and her friends were on their everyday mischievous adventures. As the evening went by, Yaya discover something in her that she longed for.

Programmer: Fransiska Prihadi

Programmer: Fransiska Prihadi

There is a sense of subtle urgency to make these stories from Indonesia visible in 2020. We are glad to see it in the selected short films as we would hope it will open inspiring discussion.

Silence (Sunyi)

Riani Singgih [ Indonesia | 2018 | Documentary | 15:54 ]

With the increasing tension of political discussion about human rights violations, the risk is higher for an Indonesian street mime artist, Wanggi.

The Lost Room (Omah Njero)

Gelora Yudhaswara [ Indonesia | 2019 | Fiction | 24:59 ]

Today, the Omah Njero living room will witness more than a brother-sister quarrel.

Joko and Bowo Reading Vol.1

I Kadek Jaya Wiguna [ Indonesia | 2019 | Fiction | 14:30 ]

Two grandfathers act in a film as Joko and Bowo. The director and crew lose control when these actors unwittingly cloud of the script and reality.

Golden Frames In The Closet (Jemari Yang Menari di Atas Luka-Luka)

Putri Sarah Amelia [ Indonesia | 2019 | Fiction | 16:22 ]

A mortuary cosmetologist has to face a dilemma when she receives a call from a mother who had lost her child in an accident.


Eden Junjung [ Indonesia | 2019 | Fiction | 12:07 ]

A guard leaves his post despite rumours of ninjas terrorising the town at night, to meet with his lover.

Programmer: Park Sungho

Programmer: Park Sungho

Programmer: A festival programmer and Film producer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Women’s voices are emerging in recent Cambodian short films, which has to be noted and praised.

California Dreaming

Sreylin Meas [ Cambodia| 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

Two women from different backgrounds encounter one another at an oceanfront resort.

Bitter Melon

Thavary Krouch [ USA | 2020 | Fiction | 25:36 ]

Sophia, a female line cook is tasked with delivering bitter melons to her estranged father

Programmer: Marcus Manh Cuong Vu

Programmer: Marcus Manh Cuong Vu

Love, lies and dreams. What drives us in this tough time of confusion and survival? Every year, S-Express Vietnam introduces new young filmmakers of the next generation from the country.


Viên Viên [ Vietnam| 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

Young boy Tàu does not accept the new lover of his father

The Big Day

Lê Can Trường [ Vietnam| 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

A young couple is waiting for a rain, while many Vietnamese are longing for a glorious victory of the national football team.

Whispering Garden

Đặng Thảo Nguyên [ Vietnam| 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

A mother and her daughter hide a corpse. The garden where their secret is buried has its own way of being.

I Am Not The Only One

Phạm Nguyễn Anh Tú [ Vietnam| 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

Am I the rain or the sun, a boy or a girl, a dream or a reality, a film or myself?



Phi dates older women who supposedly follow his advice to buy property in the countryside.

Programmer : Francis Oggs Cruz

Programmer : Francis Oggs Cruz

Three Filipino films that tackle very real societal issues through exhilerating, dramatic, sometimes comedic, and always absurd situations.


Carla Pulido Ocampo [ Philippines | 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

As Limmayug carries firewood back to his home village, something falls from the sky: a 1950s television, with a hysterical showbiz star trapped inside it.

Excuse Me Miss Miss Miss

Sonny Calvento [ Philippines | 2020 | Fiction | 29:12 ]

Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss is a social satire on the plight of contractual workers in the Philippines.


Keith Deligero [ Philippines | 2019 | Fiction | 20:22 ]

In a time before mobile phones, postmodern Erinyes come to Barangay Babylonia in order to kill a local dictator